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Collision Center Repair

Vehicle Bodywork

Do you need vehicle bodywork repair in San Antonio, Texas? If so, visit LUX Collision today. We provide top-quality vehicle bodywork services to drivers in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Our crew comprises highly qualified specialists ready to fix your car. 

Whether your vehicle has been in a minor fender bender or a major collision, we can help. We have a team of experienced and certified technicians who will work diligently to repair your vehicle. We use the latest tools and equipment to fix your car correctly. 

In addition to vehicle bodywork, we also offer other auto services, such as paintless dent repair, window tinting, and more. Also, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our services. So if you’re ever not satisfied with our work, bring your vehicle back, and we’ll make it right. 

Collision Center Car Repair

Why You Need Professional Vehicle Bodywork

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s essential to have your vehicle repaired by a professional. An attempt to repair your car alone could result in further damage. Plus, if you don’t fix your vehicle correctly, it could be unsafe to drive. 

At LUX Collision, we will inspect your vehicle and provide you with a detailed estimate of the repairs that we need to make. We will also work with your insurance company to ensure that we repair your car correctly and that you get the coverage you deserve. 

Among the bodywork damages we can fix include: 

  • Dents: We can remove dents from your vehicle regardless of the size or location.
  • Paint scratches: We can repair paint scratches and make your vehicle look new again.
  • Bumper damage: We can repair bumper damage caused by a minor fender bender or major collision.
  • Windshield cracks: We can repair cracks in your windshield so that you have a clear view of the road.
  • Frame damage: We can repair frame damage so that your vehicle is structurally sound.

We have specialists in these vehicle bodywork repairs ready to fix your vehicle. Since we are a full-service auto body shop, we can handle all your vehicle repair needs. That means you won’t have to hop from our auto body repair shop to another seeking different services. Make LUX Collision your one-stop shop for all car bodyworks, and you won’t regret it. Nobody will detect the damage to your vehicle because it will leave our shop looking brand new. 

Collision Center Car Repair

Get Quality Vehicle Bodywork Repair Today!

Maybe somebody hit your car from behind on a busy highway. Perhaps, a stray shopping cart or tennis ball hit your car door, causing a dent. We can fix your vehicle’s bodywork professionally and safely regardless of what happened. 

Our rates for all vehicle bodywork repairs are reasonable. We provide an upfront estimate for the repairs to ensure that you know the amount of money you will spend on our services. 

Scheduling an appointment is easy. You can call us or schedule an appointment online. Contact us to get started!