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Collision Center Repair

Dependable Auto Body Shop in Windcrest, Texas

LUX Collision is the trusted auto body shop in Windcrest, Texas, offering all-inclusive car body repair and replacement solutions. Our shop brings together a team of highly trained engineers with many years of experience in car body services. We also use advanced and sustainable auto body repair techniques to ensure effective and lasting solutions. 

We specialize in comprehensive auto body services for cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks across Windcrest, Texas. While most cars experience nearly similar body problems, we always strive to customize every service to the car’s condition, make, model, and owner’s specific demands. We aim to give your vehicle the best makeover to revive its glory. 

At LUX Collision, we do not just focus on fixing the said problems on your car. Instead, we emphasize an all-around treat that will significantly boost the car’s overall looks and performance on the road. Thus, we offer elaborate auto body solutions that cater to all the common types of damage and other complications that may arise on various structural parts and components. 

Collision Center Car Repair

Body Shop in Windcrest, Texas

Although most common types of auto body damage usually result from collision accidents, your car can also develop problems due to normal wear and tear. Besides, harsh weather and environmental elements such as prolonged sunlight exposure and hailstorms can also impact minor defects that may wear down your car quickly. 

Whether your car exhibits minor or severe body damage, all the issues should be effectively diagnosed and fixed by an expert as soon as they appear to preserve the car’s integrity over time. Having our engineers deliver professional and timely car body repair will save you time and money. 

Severe auto body defects and minor impacts are usually very easy to spot, even with the naked eye. However, others can also be very challenging to detect until they become more significant issues. Thus, we always perform thorough preliminary inspections on various car body parts to determine the specific problems, their causes, affected components, and the extent of the damage. 

The preliminary inspections enable us to examine the car’s overall condition and determine the most suitable approaches to reviving it. Then, our engineers will discuss the specific issues and recommend remedial solutions before preparing a quotation. That enables every client to know what to expect beforehand. 

Our shop offers the following auto body services. 

  • Car painting and color matching 
  • Panel repair and replacement 
  • Car frame straightening 
  • Bumper repair and replacement 
  • Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)
  • Car glass repair and replacement 
Collision Center Car Repair

Hire a Professional Windcrest Car Body Shop

At LUX Collision, we guarantee top-notch and affordable auto body repair solutions that will indeed surpass your expectations. Visit our car body shop in Windcrest, Texas, or talk to us today for reliable repair and replacement services.