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The Best Auto Body Shop Repair Near Me

Maybe you are from San Antonio and wondering, “is there a reliable auto body shop repair near me?” If so, you should get in touch with LUX Collision today. Our body shop has been a trusted full-service auto body repair shop in San Antonio. We provide comprehensive auto body services for the residents of San Antonio and its environs. We’re a certified shop with the skills, training, and experience necessary to perform safe, quality repairs. Our capabilities extend to all models of cars and trucks, both foreign and domestic.

Our technicians can handle everything if your vehicle has suffered minor dents from a few door dings or significant collision damage from hitting a deer. We use our expertise, modern technologies, and innovative techniques to restore the pre-accident condition of your vehicle. And this can involve installing new parts where necessary, removing debris, meticulously matching the original paint color, and performing all other collision repairs. Also, we work with your auto insurance company to ensure seamless payment for the services. 

Besides performing the physical repairs to your vehicle, we also work with your insurance company to ensure that your current policy covers as much work as possible. So, if you have had an accident, you have the right to choose the body shop that you prefer. However, be sure to choose wisely by choosing LUX Collision.

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Auto Body Shop Repair Near Me

Once you visit a repair shop today, it will give you a rough estimate. When you another different one, it will also provide you with a valid different rough estimate. You can choose which one you will work with, and your insurance company shouldn’t force you to stick to a specific center. Regardless, here are a few tips our technicians offer when choosing the right auto body shop.

You must pay attention to word of mouth because any business can advertise itself. However, you will have to consider one that your friends, family, and people in your neighborhood recommend. Our company is constantly working extra hard so that we can meet and exceed our client’s expectations so they can advise their family and friends. In the end, we have new clients who constantly tell us that our body shop was recommended to them by our customers, who we consider as a family.

When you are looking for a body shop to work with, make sure you ask as many vital questions as possible. Ensure that you are smart with your questions too. Questions like if the shop provides a written warranty, how long the warranty covers, and what the warranty cover should not be left out. Also, inquire about the materials the shop is going to use. Some prefer new parts which are the best while others prefer used parts. If the paintwork is involved, ask how many coats of paint and clear paint they intend to use.

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Visit a Reputable Auto Body Shop Repair Nearby

Maybe your ca needs body repairs after an accident. Perhaps, you want to restore your vehicle’s showroom appearance. In that case, visit a reputable auto body shop for quality and affordable services. LUX Collision will give your car the much-needed care and attention. 

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