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Collision Center Repair

State Farm Collision Repair Shop

You never know when your car might get involved in an accident. While motorists can still find auto repair shops at the times of their collisions, you should mainly be concerned with getting back on your feet. Having a reliable State Farm collision repair shop to fix the damages to the car and revive its condition will give you peace of mind after an accident. 

We understand the significant physical and psychological impacts of a car accident on you. Our goal is to ensure that you do not go through another stressful experience of finding an auto body shop. We offer all-inclusive car collision repair services for different car models and types in State Farm, Texas. 

Collision Center Car Repair

The Best State Farm Collision Repair Shop

LUX Collision is the best auto body repair shop in State Farm, Texas. You can trust us to effectively revive your car’s aesthetics and performance from the impacts of collision accidents. We emphasize customized auto repair techniques and treatments based on every car’s condition, type, and the owner’s demands. Here’s how we handle collision repairs. 

Collision Center Car Repair

Thorough Preliminary Inspections

Collision accidents can impact different forms of damage to multiple car parts and components. While some impacts can be visible from the outside, others may be invisible, especially in the hard-to-reach sections of the car. For this reason, we always recommend and perform proper preliminary assessments of every vehicle that comes to our shop for repair. 

We use specialized visual auto inspection tools to determine all the impacts, affected parts, and extent of the damage. The inspection will enable you also to detect any potential issues that could affect the car’s aesthetics and functionality before they develop into complex problems. Our inspectors and engineers will discuss the results and recommend the most suitable repair procedures for reviving the car. 

Collision Center Car Repair

Custom Auto Collision Repair Services

At LUX Collision, we offer various auto collision repair services. However, collision accidents usually vary and affect different car parts and components. Thus, we always insist on customized repairs tailored to every car’s model, condition, and owner’s demands. That ensures your vehicle gets personalized treatments for an enhanced appeal and longevity. 

Among the auto collision repair services that we offer include; 

  • Dent removal 
  • Bumper repair and replacement 
  • Car frame straightening 
  • Car body panel alignment 
  • Car Painting and Color Matching 
  • Window repair and replacement 

Although the above procedures can fix most of the auto damages caused by collision accidents, your car may also experience other complex problems that require additional specialized treatments. Nevertheless, our engineers are well-trained and experienced in auto collision repair to administer other car body repair procedures, including car detailing. Besides, we can also revive your vehicle from hailstorm damage and tear and wear impacts. 

Get Custom Car Collision Repair in State Farm, Texas 

LUX Collision is the go-to State Farm collision repair shop that guarantees customized and affordable auto body repair services. Talk to us today for a free car collision repair quotation.