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Collision Center Repair

Reputable Auto Body Shop in Boerne, Texas

If your car was involved in an auto collision that led to body damage, LUX Collision is a reputable auto body shop in Boerne, Texas, for you. We offer high-quality accident repair and restoration for all vehicle makes and models. We fix everything from minor dents to significant issues. 

All auto body shops are different in providing quality auto body repairs. But when you choose LUX Collision, you’ll be assured of excellent services that will transform your vehicle into its original state. We work as a team to assess the damage and develop a detailed plan to help you safely gets back on the road. Our attention to detail during the estimation process enables us to detect hidden dents. Contact us to learn more about our professional auto body repair. 

Collision Center Repair

Body Shop in Boerne, Texas

A certified car body shop should be your number one choice when you get involved in a car accident. The main goal of collision repair is not to make your vehicle look good. The main aim is to restore the car to its original state.

We work with only the most experienced technicians. These technicians attend training institutions and have credentials that you can verify. Having an expert work on your vehicle, you can rest assured of professional services. 

Besides, we use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts to provide a long-lasting solution. As you know, no one would like to have a vehicle damaged soon after the repair. In this case, selecting a company that knows where to source the best parts is wise.

Using quality parts doesn’t mean much if the technician does not know how to fix them. LUX Collision eliminates these issues by hiring experienced technicians to handle the job.

Collision Center Car Painting

Boerne Body Shop with the Best Services

We strive to provide excellent services. And one thing that helps us achieve this is the use of advanced equipment and the latest technology. Besides, our technicians know the tools to use and how to fix the issues quickly. And this helps us to provide durable solutions and keep the vehicle running. Our services include:

  • Reliable customer support
  • National warranty
  • Expert damage assessment
  • Inspection at all stages of repair

We understand how frustrating, stressful, and overwhelming it is to have a damaged vehicle. That’s why we make the repair and restoration process easy and quick. After the assessment, we provide a detailed plan and options to allow you to select one that works best for you. During the repair process, we will keep you updated with the status of your vehicle and the developments.

Auto Body Shop That Restores Your Vehicle’s Pre-Collision Condition 

Consider a reputable car body shop in Boerne, Texas, if you need auto repair services. And LUX Collision is the number one auto body repair center that provides the best quality work. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment or request a free service estimate.