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Collision Center Repair

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LUX Collision is the Professional Car Body Shop in Hollywood Park, Texas, that offers comprehensive auto body repair and replacement services. We emphasize professional services that will enhance your car’s overall appeal and functionality over time. 

Our shop has a team of highly trained and experienced car body technicians to deliver professional work at your convenience. We also focus on efficient and sustainable auto body repair techniques to revive your car with minor financial implications. 

Collision Center Car Repair

Professional Car Body Shop in Hollywood Park

We understand cars are usually subject to various elements of damage, including accidents, environmental conditions, and aging. While the types of damage and their severity may vary from car to car, even minor auto body defects require immediate and proper repairs to prevent your car’s further degradation. 

We offer various repair services that address the most common forms of auto body damage and other complex issues. Here are some essential car body repair services you can always get from our shop. 

Paintless Dent Removal 

PDR is a quick and effective procedure to fix minor defects such as small dents, chippings, and scratches that do not penetrate the surfaces. However, we can also apply a body filler and other detailed procedures to seal off larger dents. Then, we will also paint the parts to give the car a new and smooth finish. 

Car panel and frame straightening 

Accidents and poor road conditions usually impact bends on the car frames and panels. Our technicians also have the best tools for panel beating to straighten and realign your car’s edges for enhanced safety on the road. 

Car bumper repair and replacement

We apply unique technologies and techniques to fix damaged front and rear car bumpers, depending on the material and its condition. Our technicians can also replace the bumper if its damage is beyond repair. 

Car painting and color matching 

A LUX Collision, we also have auto paint experts to give your car the most remarkable paintwork. We can respray the sections of the vehicle with damaged paintwork or do a complete paint job for the entire car. Our technicians can create the perfect match for your car’s original color or give it a new look with a smooth finish. 

Auto collision repairs 

Collision accidents usually impact several forms of damage to multiple body parts. Thus, reviving the car may involve various repairs based on its condition, model, and demands. Nevertheless, our shop offers comprehensive auto accident assessments and repairs to give your vehicle the best makeover. 

Collision Center Car Repair

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