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Collision Center Repair

Reliable Car Body Shop in Wetmore, Texas

LUX Collision is a highly reliable auto body shop in Wetmore, Texas, with many years of experience in car repairs. Our shop offers a wide range of auto body repair solutions for all vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. However, we always strive to deliver tailor-made auto body repair and replacement services based on the condition of every vehicle and its owner’s demands. 

After many years in the auto body repair industry, we better understand the common car body issues and the most effective ways to fix them. Our engineers are well-trained in diagnosing and addressing even the most complex auto body problems to give you peace of mind. Besides, we use unique and sustainable car body repair techniques to ensure highly efficient and affordable solutions. 

Collision Center Car Repair

Body Shop in Wetmore, Texas

Most car owners usually neglect auto body repairs until they are involved in accidents with severe vehicle damage. However, even minor defects such as scratches can quickly develop into larger dents if you don’t address them correctly and on time. Significant issues such as car frame or panel damage can soon wear down the vehicle and put you at more significant risks. 

At LUX Collision, we understand the risks of auto body damage and remain committed to giving your car the best makeover. We focus on extensive and customized car body services to address the existing and underlying problems and improve the vehicle’s overall performance over time. 

Collision Center Car Repair

Hire the Best Wetmore Car Body Shop

We have streamlined our car body services to effectively address the impacts of collisions, aging, hailstorms, and other weather and environmental elements. 

The primary auto body services that we offer include; 

  • Paintless Dent Repair: We usually perform PDR to fix more minor dents, creases, dings, and hailstorm damage. However, our engineers can also do sanding, apply body fillers, and re-paint significant marks to give your car a smooth finish. 
  • Car frame and panel repair: We use advanced car panel and frame straightening tools to fix bends and other damage impacts on those parts. We can also replace the severely damaged frames and panels. 
  • Car bumper repair: Our engineers will also apply the most suitable techniques to repair your car’s front and rear bumpers. However, severe damages may need replacements that you can also find at our shop. 
  • Car painting and color matching: While PDR can fix minor damage to the car paint, extensive impacts require more elaborate procedures. We use computerized auto paint systems to create the perfect match for every car’s original color or any other that you may want. 

Our shop also offers car glass, window repair, replacement, and car detailing services. We guarantee affordable auto body repairs that we can tailor to your specific budgetary demands without compromising the service quality. Contact LUX Collision today to hire the best car body shop in Wetmore, Texas.