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Collision Center Repair

Professional Auto Body and Collision Repair in San Antonio

Finding the right auto body shop to fix your car after a collision can be stressful. But, you do not have to go through the frustrations anymore. Talking to LUX Collision will enable you to quickly get a professional auto body and collision repair in San Antonio, Texas, at your convenience. We offer the best auto body repair services that will no doubt transform your car’s overall appeal and functionality. 

Most motorists often fail to pay keen attention to the looks of their cars’ bodies. Thus, they usually ignore minor defects and wait until they are involved in severe accidents to visit an auto body shop. However, ignoring even the slightest flaws in your car’s bodywork only exposes it to more damage since those issues can quickly spread into other components, compromising the entire vehicle’s appeal and performance. 

That is why we recommend you should talk to us for immediate and proper repairs as soon as you detect any signs of damage. We always conduct appropriate car assessments to determine the damages, affected parts, and severity of impact. Our inspectors use sophisticated visual auto inspection tools to detect even the most trivial defects that you may not quickly discover on your own. 

The preliminary inspections enable us to determine and fix defects on your car’s bodywork in a single fold. That will help you to avoid frequent, costly auto body repairs. Besides, having all the repairs to your vehicle done under one roof also comes with more excellent time and cost savings than using different auto body shops. 

Collision Center Car Repair

Auto Body and Collision Repair in San Antonio, Texas

At LUX Collision, we believe every client has the right to know what to expect when hiring our auto body and collision repair services. Our shop offers comprehensive auto body repair services that can effectively address all the standard and complex problems resulting from collision accidents and other agents of car damage, such as weather and environmental conditions. 

Our services include but are not limited to the following; 

  • Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is the most time and cost-effective technique for fixing car dents. However, we can also buff minor dents and perform other procedures to rid your car of dents and scratches. 
  • Car paint and color matching: Our engineers can also effectively fix auto paint damage and re-paint the damaged sections or the entire car with the perfect color match. 
  • Auto bumper repair: We use unique techniques to repair damaged front and rear bumpers based on the vehicle’s material and the impact’s extent. 

Car panel and frame repair: We can also straighten and re-align bent car frames and panels. However, severely damaged auto frames and metals may require replacements, which our engineers can also perform.  

Collision Center Repair

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LUX Collision are the experts in auto body and collision repair in San Antonio, Texas, that can restore your car’s former glory after an accident. Talk to us today for professional and affordable car body repairs.