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How Long Should I Expect My Car to be in the Body Shop? - The Answer

A common question many people ask when bringing their vehicle to us is, how long should I expect my car to be in the body shop? At LUX Collision, we do our best to complete all auto body repairs as quickly as possible. We use innovative techniques, modern technologies, and the latest tools to repair vehicles. We aim to get your automotive on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Depending on the damage extent, repairs can take a few days, a week, or longer. We strive to give our customers an accurate estimate before beginning any work. However, unexpected issues may arise that can cause delays in completion.

We pride ourselves in providing quality craftsmanship and attention to detail on all repairs, so taking additional time could be beneficial in ensuring complete satisfaction with the result. Our team will update you throughout any repair job, letting you know when it’s safe to expect your vehicle back looking its best.

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Body Shop Timeline

Collisions are daily, prompting drivers and owners to bring their vehicles to us for repair. We know how frustrating going without your car can be when you’re used to having it.

Therefore, we do our best to complete repairs as fast as possible. However, there’s yet to be an exact formula for determining the duration your vehicle will take. But we can estimate depending on the extent of the damage.

Minor Damage

Fender benders and minor scratches take the least duration to repair. For instance, we can use paintless dent repair to fix the damage to your vehicle within a day. PDR is a technique that our technicians use to remove minor dents from the surface of a car without distorting the paint job.

Our technicians use special tools and techniques to massage and smooth the damaged part. Thus, nobody will notice your vehicle had a mark, or you brought it to us for repair. This technique saves time and money and doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s original finish. Therefore, many people prefer it for minor damages. 

Medium Damage

More extensive damage, such as bumper repairs and bodywork, can take up to three days. It can take up to five days if a major component needs replacing or repair, such as a radiator or an axle. During this time, our technicians will work hard to restore your automobile to its original condition. Also, we’ll update you on the progress and call you or bring your car to you once we complete the repairs. 

Major Damage

In cases with extensive damage due to a collision, we need to assess the vehicle first to provide an exact timeline. However, we’ll do whatever it takes to do the job promptly. 

Extensive damage, such as major dents, frame damage, significant denting, multiple broken parts, and any other structural issue, requires more time to fix. Therefore, you might wait approximately a week before your car is ready. We’ll take the time necessary to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive and looks its best.

Unexpected delays may occur during repairs. Sometimes, it might take longer than estimated as we strive to deliver high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail on all repairs. No matter what type of repair job you bring in, our team will update you throughout the process so you can plan accordingly. 

Complex Repair Jobs 

In some cases, complex body repair jobs require extra attention. This type of repair will demand much longer turnaround times, up to several weeks or even months, depending on the severity of the damages.

Nevertheless, we will inform you about the progress throughout the whole process so that you know when your vehicle is ready for pickup. 

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So, How Long Will It Be At The Shop

The above explanation shows there’s no exact duration for repairing a car after an accident. However, the average time for minor repairs is 1 to 2 days. Extensive damage can take a week or longer. Several factors influence the car body’s duration to fix your vehicle after an accident. 

For instance, if a part of your vehicle has extensive damage and we have to replace it, we may have the spare part or source it from the manufacturer. Therefore, we may take longer to order the spare part from your car manufacturer, extending the duration for the repair. 

Additionally, your car insurer can extend the duration of the repair. That’s because they have to assess the damages and approve payments for the repair. 

We take pride in delivering quality results to our customers, so we never rush a repair job. No matter how long it takes us, you can count on us to return your vehicle looking as good as new. 

Our state-of-the-art repair facility and technologies enable us to diagnose all vehicle damages and provide accurate auto repair timelines. Also, we focus on completing all body repairs efficiently without compromising quality. Your vehicle must be in good structural condition to ensure everybody’s safety on the road. Therefore, please don’t take your car to a facility that promises you quick repairs without guaranteeing the quality of their work.

If you have any questions about how long a body shop will take to fix your car after an accident, don’t hesitate to contact us. At LUX Collision, we’ll answer your questions and provide an accurate timeline for completing repairs. So, how long should I expect my car to be in the body shop? Instead of wondering about this, contact us to start fixing your vehicle and get it back on the road efficiently and safely.