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The Different Types of Auto Body Repairs Available in San Antonio and Their Role

After a road accident or if you have a vehicle that needs repairs, you may wonder about the different types of auto body repairs available in San Antonio. The good news is that various options exist, depending on your vehicle’s damage extent. This blog post explores different auto body repairs and when they are ideal for your car.

Knowing various types of auto body repairs helps you decide when choosing a reputable and reliable auto body shop. San Antonio provides many options for repairing their vehicles after a collision. At LUX Collision, we want you to get value for every cent you spend on our auto body repairs. Therefore, we explain various auto body repairs you can get at our shop.

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The Different Types of Auto Body Repairs Available in San Antonio

At LUX Collision, we have mechanics with years of experience handling vehicle restoration jobs. No matter the type of auto body service you need, we will provide quality results at an affordable price. Here are the auto body repairs you can get at our shop.

Frame Straightening

Frame straightening restores the vehicle frames damaged from collisions or other roadside accidents. A professional auto body technician will use specialized tools like lasers to inspect the vehicle’s frame. That way, they can determine whether you should repair or replace it. Frame straightening involves realigning bent metal parts back into their original positions so that the car can drive safely again.

Body Work

Auto body work refers to any repair our experts perform to the vehicle’s body. It includes fixing dents and scratches, replacing panels or parts of the frame, repairing rust damage, and more. Professionals use special chemicals to fill in dents before priming, sanding, and painting them back to their pre-accident condition.

Paint Jobs

Professional auto body shops can provide a complete paint job on your car. Paint jobs include:

  • Stripping off old paint.
  • Sanding down the surface.
  • Using primer.
  • Applying several layers of new auto paint with a clear coat finish.


These steps will restore your car’s look when it rolled off the showroom floor.

Collision Repair

Collision repair involves restoring a vehicle to its original condition after a road accident. It includes frame straightening, welding, and painting to repair any damage caused by the collision. Experienced technicians will use specialized tools like lasers to evaluate the damage extent and determine if any structural components need to be replaced or repaired.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

If your vehicle has minor dents or dings, paintless dent repair may be an option. When performing this technique, our technicians use specialized tools to massage the damaged part from the panel’s backside without needing paint or body filler. PDR can be an effective way to restore the appearance of your vehicle without the need for more invasive repairs.

Glass Repair and Replacement

Glass repair or replacement may be necessary if your vehicle has a cracked or broken windshield or other glass damage. This process involves removing the damaged glass and installing a new windshield or other glass components. Glass repair and replacement are essential for both safety and appearance, as damaged glass can impair your visibility and compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Rust Repair

If your vehicle has rust damage, rust repair may be necessary. Rust can compromise the structural integrity of your car and lead to further damage if left untreated. Rust repair involves removing the affected area and replacing it with new metal. Rust repair can be a complex process that requires skilled technicians and high-quality materials to ensure a durable, long-lasting repair.

Bumper Repair

Bumpers are the most common body part that sustains damage in an accident. At LUX Collision, we offer bumper repair services that will restore your vehicle’s appearance without compromising its safety or performance. Our technicians have experience repairing plastic and metal bumpers, so you can be confident they will make your car look new again.

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Get Quality Auto Body Repairs at Fair Prices

Auto body repair shops may have ripped you off several times and charged you exorbitant prices for subpar work. Therefore, you may need a reliable and trustworthy shop that can deliver quality repairs at fair prices. In that case, take action and choose the right auto body repair shop for your needs.

At LUX Collision, we understand your frustrations regarding auto body repairs. Therefore, we focus on providing quality auto body repairs at fair prices. When you choose us, we ensure you get back on the road quickly and safely. With vast hands-on experience in the industry, we are your one-stop shop for all your automotive repair needs.

Our technicians will discuss your car’s body damage to ensure you understand what they will do to fix it. Also, we’ll give you an upfront estimate of the costs. That way, you will decide from an informed viewpoint before our technicians repair your vehicle. Ensuring your safety on the road and satisfaction with our auto body repair services is our priority.

We know the different types of auto body repairs available in San Antonio, and no shop can beat our quality and rates. Our technicians’ experience and expertise are second to none. Many drivers and vehicle owners trust us because we’re a trustworthy shop with the necessary knowledge and expertise. Also, we have the latest auto body repair technology that enables our technicians to do every job right. Whether you need minor or complex auto body repair, we’re the right team. Please contact us to request your auto body repair quote or book an appointment today. We guarantee you quality repairs, affordable rates, and your ultimate satisfaction.