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Common Auto Body Repairs in San Antonio- What You Need to Know for Better Results

Knowing common auto body repairs in San Antonio can help you prevent costly repairs in the future. San Antonio has some of the most extreme weather conditions, making it essential to perform regular auto body maintenance and be aware of common repairs your vehicle may need.

LUX Collision offers various auto body repairs to cater to our customer’s needs. Our auto body repair shop has earned a sterling reputation for promptly providing excellent customer service and top-notch repair services.

Common Auto Body Repairs in San Antonio

Once you know typical auto body repairs, you can ensure the technicians providing them deliver the best results. Our team has the necessary skills, experience, and technology to provide superior auto body repairs. Here are common auto body repairs that you can get at our facility.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

PDR is a cost-effective auto body repair that doesn’t require sanding or painting. Instead, technicians use specialized tools to massage dents and crease out of the metal panels on your vehicle. This process leaves your car with a smooth finish while restoring its original shape.

Bumper Repair

A damaged bumper can look terrible and fail to work correctly in collision situations. Therefore, it’s essential to get it repaired right away. Our team at LUX Collision is well-equipped to handle minor repairs like scuffs, scratches, and scrapes, and more complex issues like cracked bumpers or misalignment.

Frame Straightening

If you’ve been in an accident and noticed alignment problems, frame straightening is the ideal solution. Our technicians use specialized tools to ensure the correct realignment of your vehicle’s frame and suspension. This auto body repair not only helps you get back on the road safely but also prevents further damage.

Auto Glass Repair

If you have a broken windscreen or window, our team can help restore visibility and safety with glass repair services. We offer chip repair and complete replacement of windshields and other auto glass components.

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What You Should Know About Common Auto Body Repairs

You want your vehicle to maintain its showroom appearance. Unfortunately, auto body damage occurs even to vehicles whose owners ensure optimal maintenance. Therefore, auto body repairs eventually become necessary after purchasing a car. Here’s what you should know about common auto body repairs.

Time Matters

When handling auto body repairs, time is essential because some damages escalate and cost more to fix if you don’t address them immediately. For instance, some dents can lead to rusting if you take longer time to fix them.

Technology is Essential

Modern technologies have improved the results of auto body repairs in many ways. For instance, a laser measurement system is crucial for frame straightening, and sophisticated tools can help restore even the most damaged surfaces to their original condition.

Quality Matters

It’s essential to find a service provider that prioritizes quality and can offer you a guarantee for their work. You want to avoid ending up with shoddy repairs or one that requires multiple touch-ups after just a few weeks of being fixed.

Choose a Reputable Auto Body Repair Shop

When selecting an auto body shop, always choose one with experienced technicians who use the latest technology and techniques to restore your vehicle’s original look. That way, you can get top-notch services for various auto body repairs.

LUX Collision is your go-to source in San Antonio for all auto body repair needs, specializing in various services like paintless dent repair, bumper repair, frame straightening, and glass repair. We have the latest auto body repair technology, skills, experience, and tools. Our crew has an exceptional reputation for exceeding customer expectations. Trust us to deliver the best results with every auto body repair appointment you schedule with us.

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How to Get Excellent Results from Auto Body Repair in San Antonio

When you visit LUX Collision for auto body repair, you invest money in our services. We know you want to get value for the money you invest in our repairs. Therefore, we go the extra mile to ensure superior results.

The best way to get the best value for your money is to take your vehicle to a professional auto body shop that utilizes advanced technology and employs skilled technicians. Our team at LUX Collision has years of experience in providing quality repairs, making us one of the leading auto body shops in San Antonio.

Knowing common auto body repairs is essential for running your vehicle smoothly and avoiding costly future repairs. Our technicians will explain the damage to your vehicle’s body and the procedure to fix it. We aim to always provide our customers with exceptional service and results.

We commit ourselves to provide high-quality repairs to restore your vehicle’s original condition. Whether you have a minor scratch or significant damage, let us take care of it. We promise to get your car back on the road quickly and safely.


San Antonio Auto Body Repair with Guarantees


At LUX Collision, we do more than commit ourselves to provide our customers with the best auto body repairs. We also offer the following guarantees:

  • Same-day service: We offer same-day services for most repairs to ensure we quickly restore your vehicle to its original condition.
  • Quality parts: We only use quality materials and OEM parts for our auto body repairs, ensuring the repair job lasts longer and looks better.
  • Warranty: We provide a warranty on all our repairs so you can be confident in their quality.


Now that you know about common auto body repairs in San Antonio, visit us for quality services and excellent results. Our experienced technicians will be more than happy to help restore your vehicle’s original look. We provide a warranty covering any defects found in the repair work and our materials. We stand behind our work and ensure your car looks new when you drive it back home. Please call or visit us now!