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Collision Center Car Repair

Collision Repair Near Me

Collisions are undoubtedly stressful. When your vehicle gets an accident, you’re likely to search for phrases like, “Who offers quality collision repair near me” online. Perhaps, that’s what you searched on your phone’s browser to land on this web page. At LUX Collision, we understand your predicament after an accident.

Being injured and having your car damaged during an accident can be frustrating. Our technicians will take the stress of fixing your faulty car as you cater for other things. If the collision has rendered your vehicle inoperable, we can arrange for a tow truck service to ensure that it gets to our facility safely.

So, don’t endure the frustration of overcoming the challenges of a car accident alone. Instead, call or visit us for professional assistance. We guarantee you a seamless collision repair process and affordable rates for exceptional services. Our experts can even help with your auto insurance paperwork. Thus, you won’t struggle to file the insurance claim alone.

Collision Center repair

The Best Experts in Collision Repair near Me

Our highly trained and certified team of collision repair experts has vast hands-on experience and a track record of exceeding customers’ expectations. Upon bringing your vehicle to us for collision repair, our technicians will use the latest and cutting-edge methods to fix the damage. We pride ourselves on achieving the highest-quality results with every repair.

Each technician in our team pays attention to detail, ensuring safe restoration of the pre-damage condition of our customer’s vehicle. By the time you pick up your car, it will have regained its showroom appearance. We commit ourselves to ensuring an exceptional experience for every customer. Don’t panic or let the collision’s aftermath frustrate you. Instead, talk to us or bring your vehicle to us for quality auto body repair.

Collision Center Car Repair

Quality Collision Repairs

Quality is at the center of our collision repairs. Being a local collision repair shop, we know that our survival and success largely depend on the quality of our services. Therefore, we never compromise on quality when fixing our customers’ vehicles.

Our quality assurance expert will inspect your car with you after the repair before driving it away. Moreover, we provide a lifetime warranty for the repair as long as you keep your vehicle.

Visit us for any of these collision repair services: 

  • Dent and scratch repair
  • Frame repair and straightening
  • Auto painting
  • Bumper repair

We offer manufacturer-certified collision repair services, restoring our customers’ vehicles to their pre-accident condition. We ensure that your car is safe for driving after an accident with our professional repairs.

Collision Center Car Painting

Talk to LUX Collision!

Maybe you have a car accident and want to know the amount its repair will cost you. Perhaps, you need help towing your car to our collision repair center. Our customer care experts can answer any question and assist you in bringing your vehicle to us for repair. So, stop searching for phrases like “Collision repair near me” online. Contact us now to get top-notch collision repair in San Antonio, Texas!