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Collision Center Car Repair

Collision Repair in San Antonio

Collisions are hard to avoid when you have a car. Luckily, you can get quality collision repair in San Antonio, Texas, by bringing your vehicle to us. We know how heartbreaking and inconvenient damage to your car’s bodywork can be, whether a minor scratch, dent or something significant. Therefore, we provide high-quality body repairs for vans and cars.

Our technicians adhere to the highest manufacturer and industry standards to restore vehicles to their pre-collision status. Our comprehensive range of collision repairs includes minor ding removal, frame straightening, and replacing parts of your car’s body. Whether somebody vandalized your car or had an accident, our team is ready to help.

Collision Center Car Repair

High-Quality Collision Repair in San Antonio, Texas

LUX Collision is a renowned collision repair center with a proven track record of providing quality auto body repairs. Our technicians have undergone extensive industry training and acquired extensive hands-on experience fixing all kinds of collision damage.

We’ve invested in state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure our collision repairs meet the highest quality standards. Our diagnostic and repair equipment has received approval from most automakers. What’s more, we use genuine OEM parts for all our repairs. After repairing your car, we will give you a written warranty for our labor and parts.

Our skills, experience, and proven track record of providing top-notch collision repairs guarantee that your car will be in the safest hands upon bringing it to us. Our rates are the best you will ever get for quality collision repairs in the region. So, don’t let car damage from a collision dull your day. Instead, bring your vehicle to us or call us to seek professional assistance.

Collision Center Repair

Full-Range Collision Repair

We have qualified technicians, tools, and equipment to handle any collision repair work. Our experts can fix collision damage to a personal car or a commercial vehicle. Among the collision repairs that you can get from us include:

  • Dent repair: Small dents and dings are almost inevitable for any vehicle owner or driver. Therefore, we offer both traditional and paintless dent repair. Our technicians will remove any mark from your vehicle and ensure the highest quality standard.
  • Scratch repair: Keying damage, car park scrapes, and minor scratches are eyesores to car enthusiasts. Our technicians will use manufacturer-approved methods to remove scratches and polish your car to make the damage invisible.
  • Frame repair: If a collision damages your car’s frame, we will repair and straighten it using our computerized equipment.
  • Car painting: Perhaps, the collision damaged your vehicle’s paintwork. In that case, we can paint or re-spray your car to make the damage invisible.

We offer highly convenient and cost-effective collision repairs. In some cases, our technicians can remove a dent within minutes using our innovative paintless dent repair technique. What’s more, we customize our repairs to suit our customers’ unique needs. So, don’t let any collision damage taint your ride. Instead, contact or visit us to get quality collision repair in San Antonio, Texas!