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Collision Center Repair

Car Body Repair Shop

Restoring your damaged car body in San Antonio is now easier than ever at our car body repair shop. LUX Collision boasts capable auto repair experts and all necessary equipment for the job. Our solid industry reputation came from consistently meeting clients’ expectations and keeping healthy work relationships. We receive repeat clients more than any other car collision center in the city and its neighborhoods. 

Collision Center Repair

Come For Exceptional Services at Our Car Body Repair Shop

At LUX Collision, we champion the diversity of auto repair services to meet all your goals, no matter the car’s brand or model. We also have tremendous experience in restoring even the modern computerized cars. So feel free to call our line if your auto body needs some quick repairs. Our facility can help you with the following car body repair services.

  • Dent removal – Removing dents and scratches from your van’s body can be risky if you don’t hire the right company to do the job. Our facility uses modern technology tools to minimize damages and ensure excellent outcomes during dent removal. We also offer paintless options for minor dings to lower service costs.
  • Bumper restoration – After the bumper has done its job of absorbing shock during a collision, you need to repair or replace it with a new one. The technicians at our facility possess incredible auto bumper repair experience. Our work is flawless, and you’ll smile on your way out of our car body shop.
  • Bent frame restoration: A faulty car frame compromises the balance and may lead to an accident if you don’t correct them soon. Bent frames may also interfere with the car’s aerodynamic performance. Choosing our car collision repair center assures you of unparalleled perfection in the end. Our team will work tirelessly until your distorted frame regains its recommended shape.
  • Car body paint repair – The severity of damage doesn’t matter to our technicians. They use special computerized paint mixing equipment. We can assure you of smooth finishes with accurate paint color. Additionally, we use the best quality paints to ensure attractive and lasting results.

We’re a professional car body restoration team with vast hands-on experience. Many San Antonio residents prefer our facility because we always prioritize their expectations. Our company is ready to welcome you and take your first body repair project.

Collision Center Repair

Why We Stand Out From the Rest

We’ve learned the importance of meeting your expectations from many years of experience dealing with various customers. At our car repair facility, we value the safety of your van and its passengers once it gets back on the road. And this is possible because our technicians have undergone extra car body restoration training. They know what’s suitable for your vehicle and will do all they can to ensure everything is fine.

Our company acknowledges that no system can be entirely perfect. Therefore, we have a warranty program covering all the materials and replacement parts we install on your car’s body. Moreover, we understand that raising cash can sometimes be challenging. 

Our facility accepts a wide range of payment options, depending on what’s within your financial reach. But that’s not all because we’ll help you get the best car rental program in town as we work on your vehicle.

Collision Center Car Painting

Get in Touch!

Please don’t abandon your car because of accident damage because LUX Collision can fix it for you. Call our line or visit our nearby car body repair shop in San Antonio for further guidance.