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Collision Center Car Repair

Body Repair Shop in San Antonio

LUX Collision Center is the best auto body repair shop in San Antonio. No matter how careful a driver you’re, your car will need body repair. A shopping cart will hit your car, or another driver will pack next to you and hit your vehicle with their door. A sharp object, stone, or pebble can also shoot and dent your car. Even an unexpected hailstorm can leave you with a dented car. These are some of the factors that may necessitate auto body repair.

Our technicians received rigorous training and took sufficient time to acquire industry experience. These professionals have repaired many vehicles and surpassed our customers’ expectations. Regardless of what damaged your car, our crew will fix it and deliver excellent results. We’re certified professionals with the necessary expertise and technology to repair your vehicle.

Our technicians will repair it whether you have a Tesla, Honda, Subaru, or Mercedes. We specialize in auto body repairs for all vehicle makes and models. Our ability to cater to all auto body repairs for vehicle owners has made us the go-to facility for drivers and vehicle owners. Please visit us if your car needs auto body repair, and you will love every aspect of our services.

Collision Center Car Repair

Dependable Auto Body Shop in San Antonio

We promise our customers only what we can deliver. Therefore, we will assess the damage to your car and tell you when you can pick it up after the repair. Our technicians dedicate themselves to exceeding our customers’ expectations. Here’s what to expect once you choose us to repair your car.
High-quality service: We have highly trained technicians providing our services using modern technologies. Their vast experience enables them to complete auto body repairs faster without compromising quality. And this allows us to also save costs for repairs by reducing the labor.
Repairs for all vehicles: You don’t want to take your car for repair at an auto body shop and realize that it can’t cater to your needs. For this reason, we have brought the most competent technicians together and invested in modern equipment to repair all vehicle types. Also, our inventory has spare parts for different car makes and models. Thus, you will receive repairs for any vehicle from certified technicians.
Comprehensive services: We cater to our customer’s auto body repair needs. Whether your car has a minor scratch, dent, or ding, we will restore its pre-collision condition. After repairing the damage, we can paint your car at our advanced auto painting facility. Trust us to match the original paint color of your vehicle even if you want us to repaint a small section of its surface.
We believe in restoring our customers’ cars to their pre-damage conditions using modern technologies and equipment. The rigorous training that our technicians undergo keeps them up-to-date with the latest innovations in the auto industry. Be confident that you will receive a top-notch service upon bringing your car to our auto body repair shop in San Antonio. Visit us today!