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Collision Center Repair

Auto Body Shop near Me

Which auto body shop near me offers quality repairs? Perhaps, you’ve had a car accident, and this question is now lingering in your mind. At LUX Collision, we understand your frustration, panic, and inconvenience after a collision. Therefore, we work diligently to cater to all auto body repair needs of local drivers and passersby.

Our auto body repair experts have received extensive industry training and acquired vast hands-on experience. Over the years, they have fixed many auto body damages, from minor scratches to signs of severe collisions. What’s more, we have repaired the bodies of different car makes and models.

Whether you need RV, Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, or Nissan auto body repair, we have a specialist ready to cater to your needs. We’re a licensed, insured, and certified auto body shop proudly catering to locals’ and visitors’ auto body repair needs. Our proven track record of delivering excellent services and exceeding our customers’ expectations guarantees your ultimate satisfaction.

Your time is undoubtedly valuable, and you don’t want to waste even a single minute. Therefore, we provide efficient auto body repairs without compromising on quality. Bring your car to us, and you will love every aspect of our auto body repair work.

Collision Center Repair

Auto Body Shop near Me for Comprehensive Repair Work

LUX Collision is a full-service auto body repair shop. We offer various auto body repairs under one roof at reasonable prices. Thus, you can bring your car to us after an accident instead of hopping from one body shop to another. Among the auto body repairs you can get from us include:

  • Collision Repair: Our technicians can fix your car after a collision to relieve your frustrations and stress after an accident. Our friendly staff has streamlined the collision repair process and will keep you updated on the repair progress.
  • Fender Repair: Your carmaker may have used aluminum, metal, or composite material to make your vehicle’s fender. Our technicians have extensive skills and experience to repair a fender made from these materials, ensuring the factory finish.
  • Dent Repair: Like severe damage, minor imperfections and dents require similar professional attention. That’s why you need the craftsperson-like approach that our technicians provide.
  • Paint repair: Rock chips and paint scratches are unsightly. If you don’t fix them early, they may cause rusting and worsen the underlying metal damage. Our technicians will assess the paint damage and repair it to restore your vehicle’s factory finish.
  • Bumper repair: Modern vehicles have bumpers of varying sizes and shapes. However, cracks, paint chips, and scrapes on the bumpers can ruin the overall appearance of your car. Luckily, our crew can repair or replace your car’s faulty bumper.

Your vehicle is among the most significant investments you’ll ever make. Therefore, we treat it respectfully once you bring it for auto body repair at our shop. Visit LUX Collision  if you found us after searching for “Auto body shop near me” online, and you’re in San Antonio, Texas.