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Collision Center Car Repair

Auto Body Repair in San Antonio

Do you need quality auto body repair in San Antonio, Texas? If so, visit LUX Collision Center today. We’re a full-service auto body repair shop that uses the latest technologies to repair vehicle bodies. When you lease or buy a car, you make one of the significant investments in your life. Everybody loves the emotions of purchasing the first car and the excitement of getting your dream car keys.

We understand that feeling and the desire to take care of the car. Essentially, you want your car to retain its impressive appearance many years after buying it. Unfortunately, a collision can taint the gorgeous look of your vehicle. A hailstorm, a stray shopping cart, or another object can dent your car. When this happens, you need the help of the best experts to fix your vehicle.

Our technicians, modern equipment, technology, and tools enable us to repair all vehicles professionally and efficiently. We take care of our customers’ vehicles as if they were ours. Regardless of what damaged your car, we will restore its pre-damage condition upon bringing it to our facility.

Collision Center

Complete Auto Body Repair in San Antonio

We take care of all damages to your vehicle upon bringing it to our shop. Our technicians have the necessary expertise, technology, and tools to fix all damages to cars. Whether you have the oldest or the newest vehicle model, we will repair it professionally and efficiently.

Here are some of our auto body repair services: 

  • Collision repair: Fixing collision-damaged vehicles are among our specialties. That’s why collision is part of our business name. Our technicians can fix any damage that a collision causes to your auto body. Trust us to restore the original condition of your vehicle upon bringing it to our facility.
  • Auto painting: Perhaps, your car needs a new paint job after an accident. In that case, our technicians can use innovative paint-matching technology to ensure the new paint job matches your car’s original color. Also, we can paint a part of your vehicle, ensuring it blends with the original paint such that nobody will notice the difference.
  • Hail damage repair: You don’t expect a hailstorm to damage your vehicle. However, you can choose the experts to repair your car’s hail damage. We can use the innovative paintless dent repair technique to remove minor dents that a hailstorm causes to a vehicle.
  • Dent and scratch repair: Dents and scratches can ruin the beautiful look of your vehicle. However, they can also cause secondary damage, such as rusting if you don’t fix them. Our auto body shop has competent experts ready to repair dents and scratches on your vehicle.
  • Frame repair: Did the collision bend your car frame? If so, we can straighten it to restore your vehicle’s structural integrity.

We have a state-of-the-art auto body repair shop with qualified technicians ready to repair your car. If your vehicle has body damage, we will assess and fix it quickly without compromising on quality. Visit us for quality auto body repair in San Antonio today!